Our Story

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In our view, there is an epidemic failure within the banking industry and current money management apps to understand what’s really happening with their customers. 

Children living at home longer . . . . . 

Kids borrowing more from their parents to purchase a home ...

Canadians and our U.S.A friends are at all time debt levels . . . . .

Consumer debt is crippling individuals.  Consumers need a different way.

(Even before Covid-19 there was a Manulife consumer report stating 750,000 Canadians live paycheck to paycheck and do not even have $200 in a savings account)


As interest rates rise, more Canadians are going broke ...

In the USA and Canada, Millennials amass $1.67T in debt ...

The Founder, Lance Tetlock has a wealth of experience and after 14 years of domestic & international banking, Oil & Gas, gold mining experience and assisting 1000's of clients & their accounts, he has discovered a problem, a big problem that needs a true solution.  

An innovative ethical approach to create a game engine that can guide players to fulfill their goals. All bank apps and current money management Apps basically copy each other.  They are based around the physical control of money.  In our research the true influencers are social, emotional and psychological aspects.

A famous saying and it applies to the financial world, "If your only tool is a hammer, then every problem looks like a nail." - 


Retail banking and money management Apps are really sales organizations.  Make no mistake about it,  you are the Product.  

They treat their customers as the product.  How do they do that?  Their business model is based on earning revenue from:

  • Advertising

  • Sell bank lending products for referral fees (that is just plain wrong for budgeting Apps to do, this further entangles consumers for years.

  • In App purchases to remove barriers to a proper budgeting App, a form of bait and switch

  • Use scrapping technology to collect data to sell to third parties (this is hidden inside Terms of Use agreements)  This is known as Surveillance Capitalism.


Retail Banking (The Big 6) earn additional revenue from selling you products that you don't need or you are not ready for yet.  Mortgage Life, Balance Insurance (which should be outlawed) and selling you investments when you have a 19.9% balance on your credit cards. 


Or even promote a line of credit as a reserve fund, this is insane.    A reserve fund is actual cash in the bank consisting of 3 months to 6 months of expenses.   Or an equally insane cash back mortgage.   Absolutely no disclosure by bankers, realtors and mortgage advisors on what this will really cost in extra interest over 5 years.  You take a big loss, they take a bigger commission. This is one of the ways banks get around no "0" down regulations.

if I told you how Banks then roll your monthly payments on these predatory products into a asset backed securities and who they sell the securities to, you would get pretty upset.

Creating wealth for home ownership, pension income, investment, child's education and lifestyle goals is secondary and breaks sound financial ladder strategies.   This is where the unfairness and non fiduciary duty comes into play.. 

Congruity Money RPG


CongruiTy is a new Calgary, AB based company and was founded with a rebellious, contrarian spirit and an objective different from retail banking and current money management apps. - We don't treat the customer as the product.  


CongruiTy research has found in today's marketplace how short termism has run rampant in the personal finance, retail banking and even the business world.  Our values cannot bring us with all conscious to be part of. 


CongruiTy is the only virtual role play game money management system.   They do it in Sports to enhance performance so whey can't we do it with a Money Management System.

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CongruiTy Meaning: 


  1. CongruiTy means a quality of agreement and appropriateness.   Things that fit together in a way that makes sense.  

  2. A team, community or players that work well together.  

  3. Our proposed design is closely connected and relevant on what is being talked about today, Debt!

CongruiTy Ethos:

We believe in:​

  • Not selling your data to third party organizations

  • Not hiding our education and App behind in App purchase barriers

  • Not selling banking products to further entrap our player subscribers in more debt

  • Offering education to increase knowledge through free membership or subscription.  

  • Relationship building and earn your trust by proving our process works.

  • Offering you a truly customized and a localized  plan

  • Financially rewarding your budget and planning milestones

  • Offering live chat mentor support and even arrange a call if going through complex issues

  • To use minimalist principles and short term voluntary hardship to reshape our player's  financial lives and ultimately life balance returns.

Our Mission

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CongruiTy Money RPG will change how people look at their monthly income.


To be with our players on their journey to creating monthly surpluses and independence everyday.  By also teaching 5 critical money management skills that have been lost in our world of automation (Financial Data Aggregation).  Automation adds complexity and causes us to become detached from our money.

We do need a relationship with our banks but we have to be in control.  We hope to educate our players on who are the good financial advisors and who are not.   But how do you tell?  Easy.  


Ask these 3 questions: 

  1. What are the 2 tax free investments in Canada?

  2. What are the 4 pillars of a pension plan?

  3. What is the actual first step to design a pension plan?  


We teach this fundamental approach to wealth / Asset creation.

If he or she cannot answer these questions, get up, thank them for their time and find a financial advisor who can.  They are out there but are tough to find.

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