It is time to create monthly surpluses and plan for the future at the same time!

Updated: May 27, 2020

Hello, my name is Lance Tetlock and I am the founder of CongruiTy, a new Real Time Money Management System App. Congruity means: Things that fit together that make sense, members of a team or community working well together.


Children living at home longer…

Kids borrowing more from their parents to purchase a home…

Canadians are at all time high debt levels…

As interest rates rise, more Canadians are going broke….

In the USA, student debt amassed $1.5T

We believe there is an epidemic failure by retail banking and current money management Apps to understand what is really happening with their customers.

They misjudge why consumers cannot save, purchase a home, pension plan, child education, investments and lifestyle goals to create real wealth.

How We Solve It:

The App is a subscription based day-to-day tracking, budgeting, planning and education system that integrates every know aspect of money throughout our whole lives.

The App is like a coordination game or a process flow with 7 levels. There are 12 key pillars or stacks, which are multiple customizable step-by-step pure strategies to build upon each other, insure monthly surpluses that are tangible, visual and clear.

With a subscription based App our relationship has to be different. A continuing relationship eco-system supported with:

  • Nudges

  • Notifications

  • Live Chat

  • Real time fraud alerts

  • Real Time Self Audit tools and ratios

  • 31 Planning Calculators all in one place

  • Consumer Rights to “Protect Each Other” (2.0) and

  • Consumer behavior based educational resources to create new habits and discard bad habits.

An independent trusted resource to save, reduce debt and blind consumerism. Use it everyday and do the congruity happy dance. No Ads, no selling banking products or selling your data to third parties treating you as the product.

Our Goal:

To bring fairness and fiduciary duty to an unfair system. To use time to your advantage instead of against you.

What We Need:

Participants for customer discovery survey and demo prototype participants

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