Q: How do we design a broad view of money that offers a complete education, budgeting, planning, and tracking system for long term monitoring to stay on track? 


Q: How do we create financial independence so consumers do not fall victim to numerous debt oriented product pitching from financial services and believe it or not Money Management Apps?  


Q: There are so many other aspects of money, how do we protect the assets of our subscribers?


The founder has spent 18 months  researching  consumer behaviour, studying the best scholars on psychology, finance and with face-to-face interactions with potential subscribers to better understand what is really happening with consumers today.  Building wealth is hard for consumers and we think we have designed what consumers need and the way they want it, the foundation of a full desired outcome.


Our Proposed Solution: 


Game Elements & Mechanics:  A coordination game with 7 levels and rewards financially for each level achieved.  The 7 game levels:

  • Engages

  • Entertains

  • Educates

  • Informs

  • Delight our subscribers throughout their journey to plan and save.  


Offering incentives and accountability when reaching planning and budgeting goals increases motivation to stick with a plan,  be diligent with tracking and design realistic monthly, weekly and daily budgets. 

Entertainment Elements:  Entertainment is one of the best ways to educate, engage our subscriber’s planning and keep a very dry subject such as money and planning, interesting.  Elements of the App such as:

  • Music

  • Videos

  • Animation

  • Entertaining Splash pages

  • Enhanced notifications (who says notifications have to be boring texts?)


Play.  Learn.  and Grow.

The 12 Stacks $ - The Entourage Effect


The Entourage Effect is the sum of the App's parts are greater than the whole.  Our stacks are multiple step-by-step pure strategies that build upon each other to plan, track and budget.  Mindful understanding of Net Income is key to savings. planning  and accumulating wealth.


1. Budgeting & Spending


  • Fixed Expenses

  • Day-to-Day Spending & Tracking 

  • Projected spending if your current rate 


 2. Borrowing & Debt

 3. Savings Assistant


 4. Insurance & Asset Protection


 5. Pensions & Child Education

6. Investing & Planning

7. Taxes


 8. Gambling in Casinos & Internet


 9. Lotteries


 10. Legal Infractions & Fines


 11. Financial Fraud & Scams – Tactics,   Education & Alerts


 12. CongruiTy 2.0:  Consumer Rights & Protection – “Protecting Each          Other”

Q: How do we design the educational aspect and engage our subscribers to think differently about their money and change their life from a consumer focus to a saving and investment focus? 

Q:  Can we train our subscribers to "Ride the Elephant?" - Nobel Memorial Prize Winner in Economic Sciences, Daniel Kahneman


Our Educational & Knowledge based Proposed Solution:

  • Educational based App Subscriber Guide

  • Problem Based Learning (PBL) for our Congruity Members & Subscribers

    • Challenge question: Identify money management problems​ 

    • Critical thinking​ - Research

    • Communication & Collaboration Teams

    • Feedback

    • Solutions

  • Five Key  Habits of Saving & Goal Setting

    1. Time Preference​

    2. Self Supervision & Pre-Commitment

    3. Delayed Rewards

    4. Budgeting & Spending Plan

    5. Goal Setting - Partitioning (dividing into smaller parts)

  • Consumer Behavioural Strategies through the study of heuristics and biases

  • Goal Contradiction & Awareness

  • 12 Stacks Explained

  • Self Determination Theory

  • Stages in our Lives

  • Financial Ladder

  • Partitioning – Use Small Goals

  • Saving Strategy

  • Short Rotating Topics upon Sign In

  • Fraud & Scam Tactics by Bluff Masters

  • Consumer Rights & Protection

  • Off the Bookshelf - Author Reference List 

All integrated together to create the ultimate planning and tracking tool to help plan for all financial scenarios with the goal of savings, home ownership, child’s education, asset protection, investments, future pension income, values and life style goals.

Q: How do we design a Scorecard or Ratio System so our subscribers always know where they are financially at all times? 


Our Scorecard & Self Audit Tools Solution:

  • Congruity Real-Time Leverage Spending Ratio

  • CongruiTy Index - Are you consumer focused or Investment focused?

  • Real-Time Gross Debt Service & Total Debt Service Ratios  - For renting or home purchase

  • ​​Mortgage Affordability & Maximum Monthly Payments

  • Time Value of Money - The desert before the Vegetables.  What is possible when you use time to your advantage.

  • Own Your Home vs. Rent

Q: How do we design a resource so our subscribers can input different scenarios and to build a customized workable plan to actually create monthly surpluses?


The only way to payoff debt or invest is to meet or beat your budget to create monthly surpluses.


In our research we realized all the necessary calculators to assist consumers to begin to customize a plan for the future are scattered throughout the Internet and not very customizable. 


Lets Put all Planning Calculators in One Place

Budgeting Calculators

Budget exceeded or maintained



Daily, weekly, monthly budget totals



Projected spending if maintained at your current rate



Monthly surplus calculation after each subscriber’s planning pillar


Time-Value of Money

Future Value of a Sum if Invested Every Month Compounded Monthly

Future value of a sum if invested today

Present value of a future sum if invested today

Number of periods it takes to grow present value to future value

Interest rate to grow present value to future value


  • Reserve/Comfort Fund Planning

  • TFSA


  • Child Education & RESP Planning

  • Cost to raise a child in Canada

  • Vacation planning

  • Car purchase planning (20/10/4 Rule)

  • Student Loan planning (1-6 Years)

  • Debt Payoff Planning

  • Can I Afford to Move out on My Own?


  • Investing – Weighted average cost of capital return rate of your investments

  • Basic Tracking

Home Purchase Planning

  • Down Payment for Home Purchase Planning

  • Mortgage Affordability, Maximum Mortgage & Maximum monthly payment

  • Canada’s Two Methods of Mortgage Stress Tests

  • Projected CMHC Mortgage Default Insurance

  • Own vs. Rent

4 Pillars of Pension Planning

  • Pension Forecasting using the 4 pillars of Pension Planning

  • Pension Clock – Countdown to Retirement

  • Lifetime Earnings

  • Quick Pension Planning Calculator​

  • Projected Pension Value & Monthly Benefits upon Retirement

  • Savings for TFSA -  Contribution Planner

  • RSP Pension Plan - Contribution Planner

Tax Forecasting 

  • Projected federal income tax payable to plan for end of tax year and RSP contribution

  • Capital Gains Tax

Scorecard Self-Audit

  • CongruiTy Real Time Leverage Spending   Ratio

  • Real-time GDSR & TDSR (Gross income & Net income) 

  • CongruiTy Index - Are you consumer oriented or investment oriented?

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