Isn't time to create monthly surpluses and plan for the future - At the same time.

In the words of Dave Cote, former CEO of Honeywell, we designed a process to Win Now and Win later.  A thinking money management App that creates monthly surpluses and allows subscribers to use time to your their advantage instead of against them their whole lives.


Why CongruiTy?

“I don’t know how to budget and stay on track of my expenses.”

With Congruity:  All guesswork is removed.  We help you stay highly organized by avoiding hassles of having numerous info and calculators everywhere and integrates every known aspect of money.

“I live paycheque to paycheque and it is fragile. I don’t know how to save when I’m always paying the bills and expenses.” 

With Congruity:  You can input your own preferences and customization of what you want to save and plan for.

“I don’t have time to draw out a complete financial plan… not even for the next year.” 

With Congruity:  You will save time with our simplified independent budgeting and planning.  It’s a personal assistant and long- term planner that connects all spending in a different way.

How it Works

1. Budget & Plan

No guesswork with budgeting that saves you time in planning of your finances for the long-term. 

2. Day-to-day tracking

Step by step direction to track your expenses in real time to help you save and create surpluses each month.  The foundation of creating real wealth.

3. Wisdom 

Don’t be weighed down by debt and blind consumerism.

Help us to understand what you need and the way you want it in a financial App

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What people are saying

We are a commercial construction company that has been in business for the last 13 plus years.   We have had the fortune of doing great work for great clients. What was not always on our radar was the Key Performance Indicators and metrics that make up the overall health and wellness of our business.  Having to retool regroup and reinvest in our team and the logistics of growing without knowing precisely where we are at and in that critical moment having the ability to chunk the entire business flow is essential.


Not being where you want or need to be is one thing! Not having a clue on your current status well that is extremely stressful.  Lance's common sense approach to getting numbers working for you in his very own system really starts to allow you to sit back and be more engaged in the journey instead of having your face pressed up against the window where you can not see or appreciate all the wonderful aspects of life that are happening around you.

Robin Hahn

President and CEO

Build360 Group


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“Knowledge is Growth,
Growth is Learning,
Money is Time”
-  George Gilder, Economist & Author
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CongruiTy Money is about to bring fairness and fiduciary duty to an unfair financial system.

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